Executive CV Preparation

When writing an executive CV you must be aware of the greater demands and responsibilities placed upon the executive as compared to the other levels of employee in an organisation.

To be an executive is to hold the authority to act on behalf of the business. This may be in ways that may affect the organization without any restraint other than the executive’s frame of reference as it sits within the company policy.

Although an executive may be broadly aligned to the same competency framework as other employees, the difference is in the level of competence required.

This is what must be demonstrated and illustrated when writing an effective executive CV.

For example the main competency criteria for the executive may include:

o leadership
o presentation skills
o team building
o strategic thinking
o people management

Naturally these could also apply to any other employee throughout the organisation. However the difference is in the scale or higher level required of the executive’s ability to perform the required competence.

Executive CV Preparation

Writing an Executive level CV, you should start with name and contact details then follow with an introductory paragraph that establishes the level, sector and key attributes of the individual as they relate to the appointment which will then lead the reader in the appropriate direction.

For each job role you have held, identify the Business Name, the dates of employment and the Job Title but you must be very careful to define the purpose and what results you delivered, quantifying where appropriate. Finish off with relevant educational and personal information at the bottom of the page.

Final note: Do not add labels such as ‘Curriculum Vitae’ or even ‘Achievements’ – they are unnecessary and only take up space on the page. In the same vein, edit it ruthlessly and get rid of pronouns and prepositions that don’t add to the information.

Writing an effective executive CV by using this guidance you can be sure you have equipped yourself with the most powerful and impressive CV that will work for and not against you.


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