Describing Your Personal Attributes

Describing Your Personal Attributes in an Interview OR in Your CV

All organizations have a list of desired personal attributes that they aim to identify when recruiting new employees. Many of those organizations also use the same qualities as the basis for their competency framework or to underpin the appraisal process.

Therefore to get yourself hired, you need to become skilled at describing your personal attributes in an interview, which is the starting point for getting yourself the job you want.

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To help you out, just about all companies and organizations will measure you on some or all of the key personal qualities in the list below. If you’re unsure how to describe your own personal attributes, then I recommend that you take one of the free personality tests available on the website and get hold of your report.

Here are some pointers for describing your personal attributes in an interview:

Communication Skills
– Most important for any candidate is to be able to communicate clearly. Think before you speak. In your use of language, show organized, analytical thinking.

Interest – Show that you have great interest in the company’s activities as well as the position. Demonstrate your interest by mentioning what you know about the business.

Positive Attitude – Keep the tone of the interview upbeat throughout. Companies want employees who can achieve great results.

Professionalism – All companies want their employees to display this quality. It’s something that shows up in a candidate’s overall approach.

Flexibility – Companies are seeking bright candidates who are able to analyze and adjust to changing circumstances, solve challenging problems, and quickly understand new concepts.

Leadership – Candidates with the ability to lead are universally sought after.

Self-confidence – Interviewers will watch your body language to see how self-confident you are. Stand straight; hold your head high, your shoulders back. Use a firm handshake. Look the interviewer in the eyes, even when confronted with unexpected questions.

Work out how you can use your your interview answers to include these attributes; it will increase the interviewer’s sense of satisfaction and by describing your personal attributes in an interview this way, you will the hiring manager to justify employing you.

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