Exceptional Cover Letters

These are what is included in the Exceptional Cover Letters pack – get the pack for just £7.99

  • A sample of a Simple Cover Letter From An Inexperienced Applicant For An Advertised Role
  • An example of a Retail Cover Letter to help your retail manager job applications along.
  • A Graduate Cover Letter Direct to an Employer Example.
  • Event Planning Jobs Cover Letter example.
  • Recruitment Agency Cover Letter: 2 Examples of Job Application Letters To A Recruitment Consultant.
  • Change Manager Cover letter responding to job ad for for a highly experienced manager of multiple different stages of projects.
  • An example of a Target Letter to a Recruitment Consultancy This is a cover letter for unadvertised positions.
  • An Email Cover Letter to Follow up After a Telephone Conversation With A Recruitment Consultant.
  • The Best of them all! A Job Offer Acceptance Letter
  • PA Cover Letter For an Advertised Personal Assistant job.
  • Personal Assistant Cover Letter For an Advertised PA job.
  • Cover Letter Example For A Managing Director Position Advertised By the Employer.
  • Marketing Cover Letter For Advertised Marketing Manager Role
  • Job Application Cover Letter for writing the best job cover letters. This one is for a senior HR job.
  • An example of a Logistics Depot Manager cover letter
  • Career Break Cover Letter for writing the best job cover letters after you’ve taken a career break – maybe for maternity leave.
  • Cover Note for Speculative CV: Email Cover Letter
  • Project Manager Cover Letter To Employment Agency.
  • Operations Director Cover letter Example
  • Customer Service Cover Letter You get an immediate feeling of warmth and the applicant’s personality comes through in the way she writes her letter.
  • HR Cover Letter For Senior HR Position Advertised In National Newspaper
  • Cover Letter Example For Finance Director Position
  • IT Jobs Cover Letter to Recruitment Consultants for Senior IT Jobs
  • Follow-Up Letter After Telephone Conversation For Operations Manager Position
  • Accountant Cover Letter for Advertised Head of Management Accounting
  • Direct Approach or Target Cover Letter to a Firm
  • An Informal Thank You Letter Following An Interview PLUS a Formal Version of Thank-you Letter
  • Sales Job Letter For A Senior Sales Job In Food Industry.
  • A Sales & marketing targeted approach letter to an organization which is expanding and therefore likely to be creating jobs.
  • A cover letter for an advertised vacancy for a wholesale merchandiser within the consumer retail supply chain.
  • Covering letter for a Director’s Personal Assistant Job which has been advertised.
  • All the information you need about how to write a Job Application Letter
  • A Special Cover Letter originally prepared for an application to a television show.
  • A Resignation Letter – This is not strictly a cover letter example at all, but whatever you call it, it’s one you may have to write soon!

And more besides!