Avoiding Rejection

Avoiding rejection is crucial for your CV Cover Letters and job application letters.

irst off they must provoke the reader’s interest to the extent that they immediately want to learn more about the writer (you). You must do everything you can to inject interest and personality into your cover letter otherwise yours will just end up in the bin alongside all the other failed applicants.

They must get the message that you know what employers want and that your particular strengths have the edge over the competition.

Because your letter is most often the first document those potential hiring managers at the prospective employers will read about you (who they have never heard of before), your job is to make sure the application letter introduces you compulsively, effectively and positively.

So what can you do to about avoiding rejection and make sure your Curriculum Vitae avoids being thrown in the bin?

o Make sure you include a powerful cover letter that is written specifically for the one job you are NOW applying for. Don’t just stick with a standard letter like everyone else; customize your letter to the particular job you’re applying for in a way that shows you have read and understood the requirements of the job.

o Make sure that your letter was not obviously used for another job – a photocopy with the wrong name is a dead giveaway! You must tailor your cover letter to meet their specific needs.

o Be certain that your letter emphasizes the information the employer specified and says exactly how you expect to contribute to the company or organization.

o Proofread your cover letter to be sure it contains no spelling, grammar or typo errors; you can hardly claim to how interest and enthusiasm in the advertised job if you don’t care enough to submit a correctly spelled letter.

o Always be sure to tell them you know about what they do and why you are interested in joining them; show how your skills and qualifications match the job description or person specification, use specific examples to demonstrate how your skills match the job description.

o Be formal when you address your letter by name to the person advertising (ring for the name if possible). You can become less formal when you’ve met them later.

This way you are avoiding rejection and your cover letter will get much better results and your CV won’t end up in the bin. Don’t forget that if you need help my CV writing services include a free customised cover letter with every purchase.