A Job Winning CV That Works

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How to make a job winning CV

A Job Winning CV That Works: 3 Steps to More and Better Interviews

Everybody involved with helping you get a new job, whether as third party recruiters or as representatives of a company, is receiving hundreds of emailed CVs a day.

Having done professional CV Writing and evaluation work for more than 25 years, I have seen both the style and format of CVs change as well as how they are delivered to the hiring manager. This change in delivery means that how you think of your CV being received needs to change too. What you need is a job winning CV to get you to the interview in the first place.

Writing A Job Winning CV That Works

Things to remember:

1. Few recruiters or hiring personnel look at CVs in the traditional sense of pieces of paper: They look at screen shots of the top part of a page and make quick decisions based on scrolling down a little.

Therefore you must think of your CV in a different way. Critically examine your own CV each time you scroll down. Where does your eye fall? Does it convey meaningful information about your experience for that specific position?

2. Generic CVs are less effective than targeted ones. Where you have a job description to work from, revise your CV to include information about your experience relevant to the job.

Don’t assume that someone will call you to find out whether you have the relevant experience. Few people involved in recruiting have the time to email or call you to find out whether their interpretation of your experience is correct. You are responsible for creating a job winning CV.

3. Today, recruiters receive email attachments of cover-letters. Most never open them and few people I know open them because they don’t have time. Instead of attaching a cover letter, use the message to which you are attaching your CV as a place to write a brief introduction to you and why it is you they need to meet.

What I’m suggesting will take the guesswork out of communicating why and how you are qualified for a position. If you don’t get an interview because you’re not qualified or because you are asking for too much money is one thing BUT it’s another to NOT get an interview because your CV doesn’t demonstrate clearly that you have the experience that’s wanted.

Use these 3 steps for A Job Winning CV That Works and watch your interviews grow, but if you need help come to my CV writing services for a professional job.