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Writing a Curriculum Vitae

The Skill In Writing a Curriculum Vitae

Writing a Curriculum Vitae is more than just listing your past jobs; your Curriculum Vitae writing skill can be the key to winning a new job, so if you need help with your Curriculum Vitae it may be more cost efficient to get a professional Curriculum Vitae writer on the case.

The professional CV writer recognizes that what works best is a Curriculum Vitae that is easy to read, so cramming too much information on the page is out, as is using jargon that people do not understand. If the reader can easily follow what has been written, it makes their job quicker and in turn you are more likely to be the one called in for an interview.

Writing a CV yourself can mean that you lack the necessary objectivity to really focus your efforts on the skills that are most relevant for the job application in hand. Although you may be particularly proud of some of your achievements, they may not be the best ones to illustrate your suitability and knowing what to include as well as what to leave out may be difficult.

You know that every vacancy attracts dozens, if not hundreds of applications and those other people are your direct competition. Look at it from the employer’s point of view; faced with all those CVs, what are they going to do to reduce the number to a manageable level? The answer is that they use the pile of documents to filter OUT any candidate whose application is difficult to read, is scruffy in presentation or does not APPEAR to have the right experience.

In fact, most personnel officers do not have sufficient knowledge to understand the relevance of every bit of information you present to them, so if it is not in exactly the right format, your Curriculum Vitae will probably be rejected at the first reading.

Equally, too many people include everything they can think of on the basis that the more detail included has to be a good thing, because the answers to all the questions lie in there somewhere. But when the initial sift is conducted, your CV must pass to the next stage within less than 30 seconds and that means that only relevant detail can be included. Too much and the reader won’t be bothered to look for it and find it.

So, writing a Curriculum Vitae is about knowing precisely what the employer is looking for and writing it in such a way that the information is immediately accessible while demonstrating that YOU, the job candidate, has the existing skills and future potential to be an outstanding employee.

I recommend that if you decide to get help with writing a Curriculum Vitae, employ a professional writer who has demonstrable experience in writing effective Curriculum Vitae.

Please do not make the decision on price alone, although there may be some very good writers at the bottom of the price scale, you may find that your Curriculum Vitae is farmed out to low paid contractors who cannot create the CV you need. When you consider the available professional writing services, look for one who will work with you to ensure your satisfaction and offer a money back guarantee.

Crucially, I also suggest that you look for the business owner who does all the writing personally and has the background and credentials to create the Curriculum Vitae that will enhance your job applications. That way you are giving yourself the best chance of getting the new job you want much more quickly – and that means money in the bank sooner.

Peter Fisher is a highly skilled Curriculum Vitae Writing Coach and Webmaster.
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